The World Wide Web is the most significant change in the way we communicate since the telephone.  Customers use it to compare businesses and products even before they step out the door.

With the click of a single button, a client visits your business.  
A second click, and a job seeker is looking over your openings.  
A third click, you've handed out a flyer listing daily specials, a calendar of events, or this week's workshops.

At MediaPro, the online possibilities for your business are unlimited:

  • A low-cost website, just to get your business online
  • An Internet ad you can update yourself everyday
  • An online store to broaden your customer base
  • A venue for publishing newsletters and pamphlets
  • An opportunity to survey clients
  • An online database, accessible from anywhere your staff travels
  • A complete, multi-function information outlet with seperate portals for clients and staff
  • Hosting
  • Search engine submission



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